Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Jaguar X Type axed for North America

Jaguar has announced that the X Type sedan will no longer be sold in North America. Production for the "Baby Jag" will end in December. The up coming Jaguar XF is slated to replace both the X Type and the aging S Type for next year. Since its launch in 2002 the X Type has failed to meet the sales goals Ford Motor Co. & Jaguar had hoped for.
Competition from the Mercedes Benz C Class and BMW 3 Series won over potential buyers. Potential buyers were disappointed with the cheaply appointed interiors, and poor packaging of an old design that rode on the Ford Mondeo platform. Since the 2002 launch, sales have steadily decreased. 33,018 units were sold in 02. Through September of this year, only 2,403 X Types have been sold. While production for North America will come to an end. The X Type will still be sold elsewhere in the world through 2010, when production is expected to end.